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Returned SpaceX Falcon 9 Booster unlikely to Fly again | Falcon 9 – Orbcomm G2 Flight 2 | Spaceflight101

SpaceX’s booster involved in Monday night’s milestone return to a safe onshore landing is unlikely to take flight again, SpaceX CEO and Chief Designer Elon Musk said after Falcon 9’s successful launch and return. Guiding itself back to a flat concrete pad a few Kilometers from where it had launched just minutes earlier, the Falcon 9 first stage became the first orbital-class vehicle to manage a successful touchdown, powered by one of its nine Merlin 1D main engines.

Falcon 9 achieved a quadfecta of success in Monday night’s mission – returning the Falcon 9 family to flight after June’s failure and a six-month stand-down, debuting the Full Thrust version of the rocket with extra power through the use of densified propellant and uprated engines, completing the first successful orbital-class booster landing, and finally demonstrating that the modified second stage MVac engine can be re-started in flight which is a critical requirement for subsequent missions.

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