Commercial Spaceflight And The Dawning Age of NewSpace

Flightless or no, SpaceX investors say its value has grown 15% since January

With all the focus on fund-manager Fidelity’s 25% markdown of its investment in Snapchatlast week, one of the few private investments the firm boosted flew under the radar: Fidelity said its stake in Elon Musk’s rocket-maker SpaceX grew by 15% since January, which would value the company at more than $11.5 billion.

This is despite SpaceX’s explosive launch failure in June, and the six months delay in returning to operations—which has had outsiders focused on the company’s growing pains as it establishes itself as a serious player in the space access industry and contemplates new ventures in satellite construction.

SpaceX employees, however, remain optimistic and expect to fly twice this December—once to launch a series of Orbcomm satellites and a second time to test an unmanned Dragon 2 spacecraft, one of the steps the company must fulfill to meet its goal of flying with astronauts to the International Space Station in 2017.

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