Commercial Spaceflight And The Dawning Age of NewSpace

Video: Desdemona – XCOR Flight Simulator

“Desdemona is a unique asset operated by TNO Netherlands Organisation for Applied Research in Soesterberg, southeast of Amsterdam. Desdemona basically mounts a typical three-axis flight simulator on the arm of a centrifuge. The cabin has a modular layout that allows to be used as a fighter jet, a helicopter, a Boeing 737, a spacecraft or — and just as easily — as the interior of a car or the bridge of a small ship. It is mounted on a fully gimbaled system that is able to rotate around any conceivable axis. The system as a whole allows 2 meters of vertical movement, combined with 8 meters along a horizontal sledge. The sledge itself is able to spin as well. Centrifugal acceleration enables Desdemona to generate constant G-forces up to a maximum of 3 gravities.”


See on Scoop.itThe NewSpace Daily

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